Tre Posti

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play music in the Garden Grove and the Courtyard?

Yes. All events in these areas must conclude by 10pm because of the noise ordinance. If you wish to use our indoor space, you’re welcome to stay later.

Can we bring in our own beer and liquor?

No, but you may bring in your own wine. A $ 25 corkage fee per bottle applies. We will provide the beer and liquor.

Are outside caterers allowed?

No. All menu selections and food items are provided by the Tre Posti Culinary Team. We do allow outside cake or desserts by a licensed vendor for a fee. Advanced notice is required.

Are we required to use your preferred vendors?

No, but we highly recommend that you do as they are familiar with our property and policies

Can you assist with rentals should we wish to order upgraded linens, table settings, etc.?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s better if you include us in the process since we know our menus and venue better than anyone.

What do you do for children’s meals?

We offer chicken strips with fries or pasta with butter or marinara for $ 25.00 per child (12 and under). Also, we have a limited number of booster or high chairs available, so please communicate any requirements you may have as soon as possible.

How do you handle dietary restrictions?

Our Chef is happy to accommodate dietary restrictions if given to us within 14 days of your event.

What do we do if it rains?

The Harvest Room is our provided indoor space in the chance of inclement weather. This location can accommodate 150 guests or less for a seated dinner and dancing. If your party size is greater, it would be necessary to either order a tent or relocate to another venue. Of course, we’ll use our resources to assist in finding another venue, and our catering services will provide the same dining experience for your guests off-site. This would require additional charges depending upon the venue or tent size needed.

Do you require a wedding coordinator?

Yes, we do require a professional “day of” coordinator to ensure the smooth running of your wedding celebration.

Do you allow sparklers?

Yes, however, there is a $ 150 clean up fee. The sparkler send off must take place in our parking lot just outside the building.

Do you allow confetti and/or rose petals?

We do not allow confetti onsite. We do allow “real” rose petals only. We do not allow synthetic or silk petals. There is a $ 150 clean up fee.

Can you move furniture or arbors to a second location during our event?

Yes, however, there is a $ 150 fee for our team to relocate any lounge furniture or arbors. There is a $ 500 fee for our team to move chairs to a second location. Please alert us well in advance – prior notice and approval from our team are required.

Do you include a menu tasting?

For booked wedding clients, we include one complimentary menu tasting for up to four guests. If you would like to taste prior to signing, the menu tasting fee is $125 per person. Please inquire for details.

Do you include a rehearsal run-thru?

Yes, we include one (1) hour for a rehearsal run thru scheduled the morning prior to your event date.

Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Tre Posti. If you’d like more information or a customized proposal,
please call us at 707-963-7600 or via email: events@treposti.com