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Our catering service is a wonderful opportunity to take the Tre Posti experience to your favorite wine country venue. Our team can recommend wineries and private estates for any event. Our menus represent the marriage of two of the world’s most renowned culinary regions: Tuscany – defined by hearty pasta, meats, cheese, and olive oil and Napa Valley – a destination that celebrates fresh, local ingredients with a focus on artisanal preparation designed to highlight the acclaimed Napa Valley wines.

Download Catering Menus (pdf)

Catering Reception Menu


Reception Menu

Catering Plated Dinner


Plated Dinner Menu

Chef Nash Cognetti has crafted menus that are a perfect balance of classic Italian and upscale Napa Valley.
They are intended to allow our clients to customize the event menu to their preference.

BBQ Buffet Menu


BBQ Buffet Dinner Menu

Family Style or Buffet Dinner


Family Style or Buffet Menu

Catering Additional Optional Courses


Additional Optional Courses


“Ambient Temperature” Drop off or Pick up Menus

Catering Menu

Ambient Drop Off / Pick Up Luncheon


All lunches include our house-made bread
There is a 10 person minimum order
Delivery Fees will apply

Boxed Lunch Menu


Sandwich Lunch Menu

**There is a 10 person minimum order
**Delivery fee will apply